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Memphis PD Command Staff

Director of Police Services: Michael Rallings

On February 12, 1990, Director Michael Rallings joined the Memphis Police Academy.  After graduation, he served as a patrolman and was promoted to the rank of Sergeant in 1996; the rank of Lieutenant in 2001; the rank of Major in 2008; appointed to the rank of Colonel in 2009; and appointed to the rank of Deputy Chief in September 2009 where he commanded Uniform Patrol Division District II, Special Operations Division, and Uniform Patrol District I.  

Throughout his 24 years of service,  Deputy Chief Rallings has worked at, the Organized Crime Unit, North Precinct, East Precinct, Central Precinct, South Precinct, and Firearms Training Unit, General Investigations Bureau, Felony Response Bureau,  Fraud and Document Bureau, Entertainment District Unit, Training Academy, Mt. Moriah Station, and Executive Administration.  

Deputy Chief Rallings is a native Memphian who graduated from Wooddale High School, attended Memphis State University and earned an Associates of Arts Degree from Shelby State Community College.   He is a graduate of the 228th Session of the FBI National Academy.  Deputy Chief Rallings is also a 30 year veteran of the U.S Army and U.S. Army Reserve, where he continues to serve as a USAR First Sergeant.  


Deputy Director: Mike Ryall


Deputy Chief Administrative Services: Rowena Adams

Deputy Chief Rowena Adams began her career with the Memphis Police Department on September 26, 1988.  She worked as a Patrol Officer at the  North Precinct (which has been renamed to Old Allen Station) until August of 1994, when she transferred to the Organized Crime Unit.  While in the Organized Crime Unit, she was tasked with enforcing  state and federal drug laws against street-level to major drug offenders.  Chief Adams was promoted to the rank of Sergeant on May 30, 1996.  As a Sergeant, she worked in the Organized Crime Unit Seizure Department and in the General Assignment Bureau.  On July 12, 2000, Adams was promoted to Lieutenant.  She was assigned the Organized Crime Unit, where she managed administrative functions including Seizures, Settlements, Grand Jury, Information Systems, Fleet Maintenance, as well as other clerical functions. Adams was later assigned to MPD Human Resources. 

On April 8, 2008, she was promoted to the rank of Major.  As a Major, Adams served as the Commander of the Inspectional Services Bureau (Internal Affairs and Security Squad) and in Investigative Services, where she served as Assistant Commander over the investigative bureaus.  In August of 2010, Adams was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.  She transferred to Uniform Patrol, where she served as the Assistant Commander at Tillman Station.   In April of 2011, Adams was transferred to the Organized Crime Unit, where she worked as the Assistant Commander. On May 16, 2011, Adams was promoted to the rank of Colonel.  As a Colonel, Adams was assigned as the Commander of the Organized Crime Unit.  Adams was then promoted to the rank of Deputy Chief on October 15, 2012.  She oversees the Administrative Services branch of the Memphis Police Department, which includes Communications, Property & Evidence, Real Time Crime Center, Information Systems, the Crime Analysis Unit, Accreditation and Research, Human Resources, as well as other support functions of the Memphis Police Department.

Adams enjoys serving as one of Memphis’ finest.“  She values the opportunity to serve others.  This commitment is evident in her interactions with the citizens and the communities that entrust us with this privilege.  But Chief Adams also believes that she is serving the men and women who are following in her footsteps as a law enforcement executive.  Her leadership style is based on the following quotes:
“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.”  -- Warren Bennis                                               “Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself.  When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.”  -- Jack Welch 

Adams is a graduate of Crichton College (now Victory University).  She earned a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Management.

Deputy Chief Uniform Patrol District 1: Frank Garrett


Deputy Chief Uniform Patrol District 2: Terry Landrum


Deputy Chief Investigative Services: Sharonda Hampton


Deputy Chief Special Operations: Michael Hardy

Deputy Chief Information Technologies: Jim Harvey

Deputy Chief Jim Harvey has been employed by the Memphis Police Department since June 4, 1983 as a career law enforcement officer having served in Uniform Patrol, Investigative Services, Organized Crime Unit, Colonel of the Ridgeway Station Precinct and Deputy Chief of Executive Administration. He currently serves the Deputy Director of the Memphis Police Department as the Deputy Chief of Investigative Services.

Deputy Chief Harvey obtained certification as a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) in December of 2000 while he was assigned to the Organized Crime Unit. Chief Harvey was heavily involved in the creation of the Memphis Police Department’s Real Time Crime Center and continues to be involved in the decision making processes regarding the police department’s I.T. procurements.

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