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Investigative Services: Property Crimes

Crime Scene Investigations | 901.636.8201

The CSI unit processes and secures evidence at the scene of major crimes. In 2001, the Crime Scene Investigations Unit obtained a new state-of-the art mobile crime response vehicle for deployment to major crime scenes as well as an enclosed trailer to store equipment needed at remote crime scene sites.

Economic Crimes 901.636.3350

The Economic Crimes Bureau is responsible for the investigation and prosecution of individuals involved in felony crimes. Crimes investigated include forgeries, counterfeit checks, counterfeit credit and debit cards, computer fraud, insurance fraud, and various other forms of financial institution fraud. In 2012, Economic Crime investigators handled 5,277 cases, made 571 total arrests and had a 23% clearance rate up from a 21.4% clearance rate for 2011.

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