The Community Outreach Program (C.O.P.) is an MPD initiative that was developed through the restructuring of the Co-Acts to better serve the community relative to community policing and the reduction of juvenile violence. The unit consists of officers who are provided target areas from data gathered with the assistance of the University of Memphis. These officers address the problems in the target areas through a three-prong approach: identification, enforcement, and education.



The Black History Knowledge Bowl was established to build positive, interpersonal relationships between Officers and youth 14 to 18 years old. It also fosters effective communication between the youth and police officers, develops good competitive spirit, and stimulates the participants’ minds by challenging them to excel in the classroom, while becoming a positive role model in their community.
All Crime Prevention Officers, city-wide, will participate in the annual Black History Knowledge Bowl competitions in February of each year. A wide range of students from Middle/High Schools throughout the inner City of Memphis will register and compete in this historic event.


All Crime Prevention Officers will participate in a “Back to School” Supply Drive within the various police station areas. Our goal for this community outreach program is to supply children with start up school supplies. We understand the economic situation, especially for single parent homes. We know that by providing the necessary school supplies to some of the children in the community, the stress for fixed income households will decrease and allow those children the opportunity to have a good start towards their school year.
pply even more seniors, single parent homes, and needy families with gifts for the holidays.


“Real Talk” is a program that formed as a result of the Hoops Challenge. It is a direct, honest, professional line of communication between the Memphis Police Crime Prevention Unit, high school students and staff. All subject matters, pamphlets, brochures and literature will be pre-approved by the Memphis City School Administration and the Crime Prevention Commander prior to presentations.


The Hoops Challenge is a community outreach program that was established in 2011 to build a positive, inter-personal Police/Student relationship to help foster more effective communication. The basketball games stimulate interactions between members of the Memphis Police Department, students and school faculty to provide an opportunity to address the challenges encountered within their schools.


The Clergy Police Academy is an educational awareness program that was designed as a result of Director Armstrong meeting with area ministers in 2011 to support and strengthen collaborative partnerships between the faith-based community and law enforcement.


The purpose of the Citizen’s Police Academy is to provide the citizens of Memphis with a better understanding of police functions, how policies are developed, the decision making process, and what an officer experiences on a day-to-day basis. The academy is held one day a week, 9-week course for three hours a week. The academy classes are held at each Memphis Police Department station.