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The Economic Crimes Bureau is responsible for the investigation and prosecution of individuals involved in felony crimes. Crimes investigated include forgeries, counterfeit checks, counterfeit credit and debit cards, computer fraud, insurance fraud, and various other forms of financial institution fraud. In 2018, Economic Crime Investigators handled 4,805 cases, made 311total arrests and had a 17.5% clearance rate.


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Pawn, Scrap, Seizure Unit investigates person(s) responsible for thefts of scrap metals, monitor and identify frequent pawners, recovers stolen property, assist outside agencies, and assist investigators in creating a deterrent for criminals by seizing vehicles that were used conveyance of felony crimes. Pawn, Scrap, Seizure Unit handled 141 assigned scrap cases, 383 pawn pickups, 867 items seized at value of $502,270, and made 14 arrests during 2018. The clearance rate for the Pawn Scrap Seizure Unit’s total case load was 9.92% in 2018.