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The Peacemakers

At the request of the late Memphis Police Director John Holt, the Memphis Police Department’s Singing Police Group, “The Peacemakers” was formed in May 1986 for the City of Memphis’ first Police Memorial Service, which honored local Police Officers killed in the line of duty.

The group has since appeared at approximately 6,000 programs and has performed for nearly 1,000,000 people. The group highlights include singing backup for Kris Kristofferson on an album, singing at NFL games, NBA games, NHL games, University of Memphis games and many National, State and Local Conferences.

The Peacemakers traveled to Washington D. C. in May of 1991 to sing at the “Candle Light Vigil” of the National Police Memorial Service. The group returned in October of 1992 and performed at the dedication service for the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial in which the keynote speaker was then President George Bush. An original song by The Peacemakers, “Rights of Freedom”, was chosen as the theme song for the National Police Memorial in Washington D. C. The song was made into a video and won three national music video awards on behalf of The Peacemakers.

The Peacemakers have appeared on “Good Morning America” three times and also have appeared on the TV show “Top Cops”. The group has performed for then Vice-President Al Gore and received an opportunity to sing at former President Bill Clinton’s first Inaugural Ceremony but the group was not able to fulfill the opportunity. The Peacemakers sang its rendition of the National Anthem live on ESPN for a Drag Racing Event at Memphis Motor Sports Park. The Peacemakers have performed in Cleveland, Ohio; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Louisville, Kentucky; Lexington, Kentucky; Atlanta, Georgia; Rutland, Vermont; Biloxi, Mississippi; Jackson, Mississippi; Albany, New York and all four corners of Tennessee and all points between.

In January 2001, the group lost one of its faithful members, second tenor and solo singer - Officer Jonathan Y. Fleming. In his departing this life: the voice, the friendship and the humor will be deeply missed. May his soul rest in peace.

In October of 2003, former Peacemaker, Officer Jerry Epps, was killed in an off-duty traffic accident. Officer Epps had the voice of an angel and will be missed not only by the Peacemakers but by his friends and police family.

On November 12th, 2002, The Peacemakers were awarded the “Medal of Merit” by the Memphis Police Department. Past and present members of the Peacemakers were given a certificate and medal. Most of the original members of the group have retired from the Memphis Police Department. They were Lt. Mike Weaver,
Lt. Stanley Shotwell, Lt. Keith Haney, Sgt. Rodger Turner and Officer Kenny Carlton.

To Schedule the Peacemakers:

Officer Tara Mabon


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