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Special Services

Air Support

The Air Support Division is often utilized by MPD units and outside agencies in various types of operations. Helicopters flown by Air Support include three Bell Jet Ranger helicopters and a Eurocopter A-Star helicopter. Staffed 16 hours a day, this high flying unit handled 291 calls for service in 2012 and was instrumental in 31 arrests and handled 32 assist-other-agency calls.

Bomb Unit

The Bomb Unit responded to 42 call outs in 2012. The Bomb Unit also participated in 7 VIP Security Details, 73 miscellaneous incidents and 7 static displays.

Canine Unit

This unit utilizes highly trained dogs who, along with their handlers, make up a unique team responsible for building searches and suspect searches, as well as narcotic and explosive detection. In 2012, the Canine Unit answered 2,127 calls, initiated 9,185 specials, and made 277 arrests.

Harbor Patrol

This unit is responsible for the safety and enforcement of marine activities along the Mississippi River. The Harbor Patrol currently has a 25 foot Boston Whaler, 24 foot Sea Ark and a 16 foot aluminum boat. During 2012, the officers assigned to the Harbor Patrol handled 4 calls, 13 details, 42 boat checks, 31 requests for service, 21 calls from other agencies; issued 35 warnings, handled 10 boat assists, and 496 specials.

Mounted Patrol

Mounted Patrol provides assistance with crowd control, traffic control and providing positive community relations. In 2012, the staffing of Mounted Patrol consisted of one full-time sergeant and 4 reserve officers. As a unit, the Mounted Patrol officers and their mounts handled 33 community details, worked 15 patrol assignments, attended 81 training sessions and initiated 1503 specials.

Officers in the Schools

The Officers in the Schools (OIS) Program assigns officers to 22 High Schools and 3 Middle Schools. The officers assigned to the Memphis City Schools serve as mentors and leaders, as well as volunteer their time for civic groups, scouting troops, and various youth sports leagues. Since Memphis City School commenced their Blue Ribbon Initiative Plan, the Memphis
Police Department OIS has reported a total of 1,469 arrests, issued 3709 non-moving and moving tickets and confiscated 6 guns and 23 cutting instruments in 2012.

Tact Unit

This elite unit, specially trained to respond to various emergency situations, is responsible for handling barricade situations, hostage rescues, counter-terrorism, and high risk felony apprehensions. Although not subject to regular calls for service like patrol units, the Tact Unit responded to 423 radio calls, initiated 11,940 specials, made 51 arrests, issued 335 tickets, and handled 9 barricade/hostage situations in 2012. The TACT Unit also participated in
17 VIP Security Details, 9 Community Outreach programs, and 3 gun seizures.


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